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One of my mentors once told me the whole world is full of crap.  I thought it a funny statement at the time, but have come to a place in my life where not only do I believe it, but, unfortunately, have found it to be a true statement. In today’s day and age, skepticism […]
It has been said that, “the devil is in the details. We, at “Little Pink Houses of America” have developed a needed and profitable business model that can be practiced in your own community where you can build a $10,000/month income. We call it our Executive Lease-Purchase program. We discovered that only 20% of a […]
4 years ago I was a mentor at a large real estate convention in Orlando. Part of the draw at the convention was that we would actually work student’s deals on the spot in real time, leads that they had brought with them from their own hometown. We would call and negotiate the deals, and […]
Hello Atlanta REIA Members. I am Scott Ulmer and I have been investing in real estate over 20 years. In that time, I have experienced some tremendous successes, and some tremendous failures as well. Every time I fell down, I picked myself up. No matter how hard the situation, being tenacious and never giving up […]