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One of the things I have seen a lot lately is wholesale deals banking on appreciation.  And as a Buyer myself, I can tell you I love appreciation!  Appreciation can cover a multitude of sins. The problem is they are still sins and as a wholesaler, it is best to be aware of them if […]

Emotion – The Deal Killer

Posted on November 7, 2016 by
Emotion is a tricky thing.  We all have them.  We experience them every day whether positive, negative or even indifference.  I remember when I started investing being taught to never ever, EVER become emotionally attached to a deal.  It sounded easy enough and as head knowledge it is. But then a funny thing happens…people and […]
This month we are diverting to another subject that is fresh on my mind.  The concept of momentum. Momentum is something we all know can be very positive but I believe is greatly underestimated.  When I ride my bike I find some striking analogies to business.  Riding a bicycle, whether rode or mountain involves momentum […]
Fear… the word that has the ability to conjure up all sorts of emotions in a matter of milliseconds.  A natural emotion we all experience.  It is quite natural to assume you may have to deal with it when working with property.  After all, we are talking about assets that can have several zeroes on […]
In the last two posts, we talked about building credibility with Buyers.  We have covered four steps so far.  Last month, we talked about the importance of having a real deal and doing your own due diligence as key points.  This month, we will talk about how to continue creating credibility and maintaining it for […]
Last month, we started by talking about a couple of basics that are an easy way to start setting yourself up for success with Buyers.  Step 1 was Confidence and Step 2 was having an Online Presence.  Both of these steps are key because people make first impressions as fast as you blink your eye […]
Buyers… a wholesalers best friend.  A lifeline.  The reason why we make the money we do with a smile on our face.  However let’s face it, many wholesalers are fantastic at shooting themselves in the foot in this area.  Even experienced wholesalers run into more challenging Buyers that while qualified to buy, are hesitant or even […]
If you have Buyers that are experienced, they know the drill.  A wholesaler gets a deal and pushes it out to their Buyers list.  Then all the wholesalers on that list send it to their Buyers with some marking up the price.  And then the next level does the same.  And somewhere in there are […]
Remember being in elementary school?  If it was anything like mine, sometimes a classmate would get in trouble and the teacher would make him write ‘sentences’ for punishment.  Remember?  Write such and such sentence 25 or 50 or eek! 100 times!  It was like being sentenced to prison.  It was very painful when one was […]

Your Power Team Represents You

Posted on March 6, 2016 by
As professionals we’ve heard it said that it is absolutely imperative that you have a really solid Power Team.  A Power Team is composed of several individuals.  Some of the most common in Real Estate are closing attorneys, loan officers, contractors, insurance agents and appraisers.  These are all key people to any given transaction and any one of […]