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How Land Trusts Can Benefit You

Posted on October 1, 2014 by

Why an IRA-Owned LLC or Trust?

Posted on January 24, 2014 by
Major Zane Purdy’s life crumbled overnight… Maj. Zane Purdy was making over $100,000 a year employed by defense contracting company, General Dynamics, when his identity was stolen and sold to an identity theft and tax fraud ring. Now, Purdy makes $7.25 an hour at a Krystal to support his wife and two children.    In 18 [...]
With the real estate markets slowing in many areas of the country, we are seeing a resurgence of owner carryback financing. Most of you are aware of the basics of such financing, but you may not have been exposed to some of the more creative approaches. Let’s look at Jack who wants to move away [...]
OTHER TRUSTS There are numerous possibilities for the name given to a trust. Such names are often chosen to reflect the primary function of the trust: Education Trust; Wealth Replacement Trust; Charitable Remainder Trust; Spendthrift Dynasty Trust, etc. Since names are assigned to trusts the public can get the wrong impression. It is often assumed [...]
Trusts have been used as an entity to hold assets, such as real estate for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Obviously, it’s old stuff. But, with each generation’s trials and tribulations, trusts evolve to meet new challenges. High Taxes and aggressive litigation are today’s motivators. Tax risks range from income tax to draconian death [...]
It is impossible to outline a single set of guidelines for due diligence, but here is a basic checklist, in no particular order, to begin your due diligence with a deal presented by another investor (referred to as offeror here). No money or commitment should change hands until you have satisfied at least this preliminary [...]