Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance

Atlanta Georgia Real Estate InvestorsThe Atlanta Real Estate Investor Alliance, aka Atlanta REIA, is a brand new Atlanta Georgia real estate investor association for real estate investors and other real estate professionals. Whether you’ve been involved in the real estate industry for years or are just getting started, you will feel at home at Atlanta REIA since we will be catering to all levels of knowledge and experience. We will be providing you:

  • Access to local, national and international experts, trainers and experienced investors who are actively investing
  • Access to local vendors and service providers that matter
  • Fun, exciting network opportunities with other like minded professionals and industry experts
  • Ongoing educational opportunities for new and seasoned investors on many different real estate strategies
  • A platform to market your properties to other investors and buyers as well as allowing you to be the first to purchase other member properties
  • A Main Meeting on the first Monday of each month
  • Specialty satellite meetup groups that meet throughout the month at locations around town
  • Other seminars, workshops, bus tours, webinars, teleseminars, and meetups throughout the year to keep you informed on the exciting and ever changing real estate market

We are a different from other Georgia real estate investor associations in that we do not focus on bringing in national speakers each and every month who want to sell you books, cds and seminars for thousands of dollars. Instead, we will be focusing on delivering you affordable, local real estate education taught by local investors and professionals who are actually doing deals, not just selling books and cds. We are also putting a very strong emphasis on live networking events, social networking and community outreach programs through local charities such as the Fuller Center of Atlanta whom we help build, renovate and repair homes for needy families in the Atlanta area.

We will be meeting on the first Monday at the Atlanta Perimeter Hotel and Suites at 5:30 PM. For now, anyone can attend our monthly meeting, webinars and meetups at no charge. However, please note that we will be charging membership fees and cover charges for some of these events in the very near future. We look forward to seeing you all at one of our meeting, webinars, networking events or our Fuller Center Saturday Workdays in Lakewood!